I am a father of four children, they are my pride and joy even though they try my patience on a daily basis. Our practice at PULV is shaped in part by my experience as a father and as a parent of a patient. I dread waiting in a doctor’s office for their appointments (and there are lots of them). Therefore at our office, we use the latest technology in order to reduce your wait times. All demographics and insurance information are entered by you on an Ipad. You will have full access to your child’s medical records via the cloud. We provide free wi-fi and easy access to water in our waiting room. Once inside, you will not be forgotten in some examination room down a dark corridor since all our rooms directly face the nurses’ station. All our nurses are also fluent in both Spanish and English. 

My children go to public schools, and I am keenly aware of the importance of their school attendance and the school calendar. If your child needs surgery, we try our best to accommodate you with the closest hospital/surgery center and dates to reduce the amount of school absences. 

My children have been under general anesthesia, and I can relate to your anxiety when your child goes to surgery. I only use pediatric fellowship trained anesthesiologists in my practice. These anesthesiologists are not only for board certified anesthesia, but they underwent more training specifically for children. A day after surgery, we will contact you to see how your child is recovering and to answer any post-operative questions. 

                                                                              We make every effort to treat our patients as Ohana-family.